What can a Loss Prevention Agent do for your business? – Atlanta

A loss prevention agent can be a very valuable tool for any retailer. Specializing in the apprehension of shoplifters, an agent can dramatically impact shrink and protect profits.

In the world of retail, shoplifters are an everyday occurrence. The average retailer is unaware of what a shoplifter looks like and may focus their efforts in the wrong areas. As an example, I worked for a retailer that automatically assumed all the homeless or “gang” member types entering his store were taking merchandise. His efforts of monitoring these customers proved nothing. In the meanwhile, the average looking, regular customer and the customer in the three piece suit were the ones really taking his business to the cleaners. He was stereotyping, a sometime critical mistake when addressing shoplifting activity in a store.

It is the responsibility of the professional loss prevention agent to identify and apprehend the shoplifter. He/she will do this by systematically working the store. At the start of their shift, the loss prevention agent will walk the sales floor, looking for empty packages and other signs of customer theft. Planning their shift around the aisles where the empty packages originated, working to catch the shoplifter.

Now, once the apprehension of the shoplifter has taken place, the agent will need to make the decision to prosecute or issue a civil demand based on the needs of the business. Is there a benefit to prosecuting? Would the business be better suited to issue a civil demand? What is best? Decisions like these can really affect several aspects of the business. Sending shoplifters out with the local authorities can benefit a business where shoplift activity and employee theft is a problem. However, issuing a civil demand can get the agent back out onto the sales floor and on the hunt for the next shoplifter.

None of these decisions should be taken lightly, and with the right agent, your store or business will remain profitable.

So, what can a loss prevention agent do for your business?

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