What are Loss Prevention Consultants? – Atlanta Georgia

 If you’re like most people you know very little about what loss prevention consultants are and what they do. Don’t feel bad, I’ve been in the loss prevention field for over a decade and had to brush up a bit on what exactly the job of a consultant was versus the everyday detective, investigator or LP supervisor. In short, loss prevention consultants are individuals who work with one or more companies to provide evaluation and assistance with various loss prevention issues.

These consultants use procedures that can include anything from mystery shopping and running background checks on potential employees to investigating occurrences of theft and performing employee interrogations. While major corporations and larger companies typically have dedicated loss prevention associates and have employees who work full time in loss prevention, other smaller companies cannot often afford to pay for loss prevention on a full-time basis. Loss prevention consultants will typically work with these types of companies to provide the protection and services of a loss prevention department without the need for ongoing, full-time pay.

The methods used and services provided by loss prevention consultants will typically vary from company to company, and are based on the needs of the business looking to hire a consultant. A good company will work with you based on your individual needs rather than simply having a kind of cookie-cutter formula mapped out for everybody. Do your research and find out what company works best for you. Loss prevention consultants can be a cost effective way of keeping your company’s shrink under control.

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