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As a loss prevention investigator working for a new company, my goal is their goal, keep them profitable.

This store was about a 15,000 square foot selling hardline and softline goods in the specialty market. Business was good for the most part. The store was cranking out great sales. It seemed profitable. For this reason, the management team cut corners and went outside of policy in a few areas in attempts to maintain the sales momentum. In the process, they took their eye off of the operations. In a matter of days, 2 regular employees were suspected of theft.

When this information was brought to the attention of the managers, they didn’t believe it. In fact, I was told… “That’s impossible” and “No, not him, he’s just a good salesman”. As a seasoned Loss Prevention Investigator I knew the facts never lie. Initially, the managers did not want me to speak with the employees; they were worried that my actions would create a negative work environment for these employees and all of the others. Insisting, I showed each manager the evidence I had uncovered. In agreement, I sat and interviewed the first employee.

Employee #1 was asked about losses he had caused since being with the company. Initially, he denied any wrongdoing and after about 10 minutes of questioning, he stated he had been involved with at least one instance of theft. As I dug deeper, the employee admitted that over the last 5 years, he had been involved with Employee #2 in taking merchandise and cash from the store. Employee #1 went on to say he started the theft because of an unresolved disagreement he had with a manager and felt the company owed him.

Employee # 2 admitted to theft as well. During his interview, he said he got involved with employee #1 because they had been fed up with the actions of management. Altogether, these two employees caused losses in excess of $200,000 over 5 years.

As a Loss Prevention Investigator , I provide the support and position needed by companies to resolve instore loss related issues. A loss prevention investigator also provides a sense of support and well being to management and associates alike.

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