Think you need a Loss Prevention Agent?

Retailers are in the same group as most businesses today having to cut back staff to be more cost competitive which has made subcontracting a  loss prevention agent an attractive alternative.

A loss prevention agent (loss prevention consultants, loss prevention investigator) can fill the gap that is generated when staff cuts make managing losses more difficult than ever.  Short sidebar- Organized Retail Crime (ORC) is on the rise, big time probably due to the combination of a down economy driving more people to desperation and what looks like (to the shoplifters) a prime opportunity of practically unmanned retail stores making shoplifting easier than ever.

A loss prevention agent will be able to conduct an audit taking a look at many different areas where losses can occur.  After the information is gathered a report will be generated outlining vulnerable areas/ risks for loss whether they be inventory shrinkage, administrative error potential, vendor fraud potential or cash losses.  Even the potential for fraudulent accident claims by visitor in the building…such as slip and fall claims that are very popular in supermarkets.

Also included in the report will be a recommended action plan to correct the issues found.  This allows the owner manager to work with the loss prevention agent to prioritize solutions in a way that will work with the budget.

Reducing inventory shrinkage or overall losses (shrink) by 50% or more is common.  Those numbers result in doubling net profit margins.

For more information go to: loss prevention agent or call 1-866-914-2567

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