The Role of the Loss Prevention Agent – Atlanta Georgia

One of the most important roles of the loss prevention agent is his/ her ability to identify a shoplifter and subsequently apprehend that individual. Now, this sounds a lot easier than it actually is. Shoplifters generally fit into one of two categories: professional and amateur. For the professional shoplifter thievery is a business and because this is how they make their living they are subject to lash out or become violent when confronted. For the amateur, shoplifting is simply a crime of opportunity. They may be slightly easier to spot, but both can potentially lead to the demise of your business if you don’t take the proper steps to stop them.

Unfortunately there is no “average shoplifter”. They come in all shapes, sizes, ages, races and from any number of different backgrounds. That’s why it is essential that the loss prevention agent know what to look for when trying to identify them. If an individual spends most of their time watching the cashier, sales associates and other customers rather than actually shopping, that’s a good sign that they may be up to no good. Baggy clothes or large jacket or coats when they’re not called for is another red flag you should be watching for.

Remember: you don’t have to be a loss prevention agent to know that cameras aren’t allowed in restroom and fitting rooms. They shoplifters are well aware of this fact, so you need to keep a watchful eye on these areas. You may see an individual go into the fitting room with 4 items and come out with only 2, or they may enter the restroom with merchandise and come out with nothing in their hands. You still need to perform your due diligence and ensure that the merchandise wasn’t left in the room, but this is a good place for the loss prevention agent to begin his investigation.

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