The Perception of A Loss Prevention Investigator

The Perception of A Loss Prevention Investigator – Atlanta GA

The role of a Loss Prevention Investigator, particularly in the retail business, is not always “catching the bad guy”’, although that sometimes happens.  It is frequently closely related to that of a systems auditor.  The investigator will closely examine loss prevention systems, policies, and procedures, conduct cash audits, perform spot inventory counts, and generally try to identify and report any areas that might need improvement to stop inventory shortages.

Occasionally, employee misconduct is discovered, and this generally where the perception of a loss prevention investigator as a “bad guy” begins.

This is when the loss prevention agent begins to develop a strategy to determine who is involved, how much was lost, and how was it done.  Then, to put together a case to alleviate the problem, either termination and/or prosecution of the offending employee.  And to design ways to prevent internal theft from re-occurring in the future.

Employees are naturally suspicious of anyone who looks at their daily jobs through a magnifying glass, which is exactly what a loss prevention agent will do.  Sometimes there is resentment, and remarks are made by the employees who say, “What’s the matter, doesn’t management trust us?”  Although it is a simple operations audit, there is the fear that they are doing something wrong.

The successful loss prevention investigator will build some rapport with the employees, managers, and subjects of the audit, but must remain fair and objective as he performs his duties. 

The goal of the Loss Prevention Investigator is to become a business partner, contributing to the growth and profitability of the company that employs him.

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