The Over-eager Loss Prevention Investigator – Atlanta Georgia

I have to say that the thing I’ve always liked most about being a loss prevention investigator is the fact that no 2 days are alike. One day you may have to corral a paranoid schizophrenic kleptomaniac housewife and the very next day you may find yourself in the midst of a gang-banger initiation. (Both of these have happened to me, by the way) It’s definitely an exciting life, but as I’m sure you can imagine it can be a potentially dangerous one if you don’t take the proper precautions, keep your head on a swivel and stay ready for any and everything.

As a loss prevention investigator I’ve done a lot of work in the state of Wisconsin. (The frozen tundra for you football fans) To say it gets cold there is more than just an understatement. However, I keep it pretty toasty in my office, so a couple of weeks ago while working – wearing nothing but a pair of khakis and a t-shirt- I spot a “gentleman” loading up a cart full of high end tennis shoes. Sure enough he fills it to the brim and starts heading for the door. Being the Action Jackson wanna-be that I am I jumped up and went to apprehend him – without a jacket. He did NOT come quietly.

After knocking down one of my colleagues and taking a little jog through a waist-high snow bank the local police had to pull their weapons on him before he finally stopped. Well, now I’m sweating, I’m wet and I’m outside in 4 degree weather dressed in nothing but a t-shirt. Luckily the responding officer let me take a breather in the warm squad car. Of course this was probably just because he couldn’t understand my statement over the sound of my teeth chattering. Point of the story: determination and chutzpa are great, but without preparation and readiness a loss prevention investigator can find his/ herself up a creek without a paddle… or in the snow without a coat… or something. 

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