The Nightmare of a Loss Prevention Investigator

Imagine for a moment that you’re a loss prevention investigator working in a department store. You see, via CCTV, a young lady walk into the jewelry department. She begins asking to see a number of different necklaces from one of the newer jewelry associates. The associate pulls several pieces out of the case and allows the young lady to try on each of them. They become engrossed in a conversation, at which time you see the young lady slide one of the necklaces off of the display case and down the front of her jeans. Open and shut case, right? Only when you stop the young lady and bring her back to the office the necklace is nowhere to be found.

This very thing happened to a loss prevention investigator that worked for me, and by the time she called me, and I got to the office she was sweating bullets! She explained to me that she had followed all of the steps to making an apprehension and was positive that the young lady had concealed the necklace down the front of her pants. She had maintained continuous surveillance and knew for certain that the young lady had not discarded the merchandise somewhere else before exiting the store. However, the fact still remained that she could not find the stolen merchandise.

In this case I reviewed the CCTV footage, trusted that what the loss prevention investigator said was accurate and contacted the local police. A female officer showed up several minutes later and took the young lady to the restroom. She returned several minutes later with the necklace. In the interest of decency we’ll just say that the young lady had managed to conceal the merchandise in the “holiest of holies”. Never underestimate the ingenuity of a crook. Situations like this are all in a day’s work for a loss prevention investigator.

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