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            A retail loss prevention investigator is responsible for ensuring that a company’s shrink is kept under control. Now, there are many different causes of shrink and therefore the job is multi-faceted. The first, and most recognizable, form of shrink is from external theft, or shoplifting. The loss prevention investigator is trained in surveillance techniques and how to spot odd or suspicious behavior in a customer. Once this type of behavior is identified they will follow the individual either on foot or by using the store’s CCTV system to gather evidence of a crime.

             The second form of shrink, and most dangerous to a company’s bottom line, is internal theft. This is when an employee begins stealing money or merchandise from their employer. In a similar way to shoplifters the loss prevention investigator will observe and look for the warning signs. Once found he will then initiate an employee theft investigation. This is a means of gathering evidence of the associate’s criminal activity. Once enough evidence is acquired they will then interview the individual and pass on their recommendation to upper management.

             Many companies also lose money because their employees are not following policies and procedures. This reckless behavior can lead to worker’s compensation claims, lawsuits, lost or stolen merchandise, vendor fraud and, in the most extreme cases, armed robbery. Therefore it is important to perform audits and implement checks and balances on all of your processes. Make sure that your company is in compliance with all fire safety and OSHA regulations and keep an eye out for anything that could negatively affect the company’s bottom line. Making a business profitable is management’s job. Ensuring that the business remains profitable is the job of the loss prevention investigator.

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