The benefits of hiring a loss prevention agent for your business – Atlanta Georgia

A loss prevention agent can be a great benefit to your company. Specializing in the apprehension of shoplifters the agent can help control a large portion of shrink occurring in your stores and help you remain profitable.

As a former loss prevention agent , I can tell of the many instances working for my employer and positively impacting shrink in the stores I worked. I knew my job was important. The responsibilities given to me by the store management could be stressful at times, but challenging.

Working stores in areas where the customer base was difficult didn’t make things any easier. None-the-less, my goal was to keep the store profitable. I did this a number of different ways. First, I made sure I apprehended shoplifters every day I worked. More so, I made myself visible to employees. The employees seemed to be more productive when I was in the store, and I could tell. Making myself visible to the employees also worked to prevent employee theft and boost morale.

I knew that by simply being in the store, I could not completely stop employee theft, but it certainly would alter it in one way or another.
A loss prevention agent working your stores should be able to blend in with the customers, and really become one of them.

Having the right person working as a loss prevention agent means better results. It’s always recommended to hire loss prevention consultants when looking into a loss prevention program. Loss prevention consultants can offer you the advice and expertise you may be looking for when considering instituting an undercover agent in your stores.

As a loss prevention professional, I always recommend only what will benefit the company I am working for. I understand the need for a business to stay profitable and grow.

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