The benefits of a loss prevention investigator or consultant – Atlanta Georgia

A loss prevention investigator can help out at your business if you have an issue with employee theft.  Statistics prove that businesses have the potential of losing more merchandise, cash or assets to employee theft than they do by customers who choose to shoplift.  However, when an investigation needs to be conducted involving employees, this can be a time consuming and daunting task.

I investigated an internal theft issue involving the theft of electronics merchandise at a major retailer.  The employees were also under-ringing for each other, which means that whoever was acting as cashier did not ring up all of the merchandise that they put into the sack.  By the time the investigation was complete, I had spent over a month investigating, there were eight involved employees, and the loss was identified at about $8000 by the time the suspects were interviewed and turned over to the police.

Loss prevention consultants are experts in this field of investigations.  Their expertise can be utilized to help you conduct an employee investigation, collect evidence, and do employee interviews. A loss prevention investigator is trained in interview and interrogation techniques geared towards the retail environment.  This is an additional benefit so that a complete case, including the statements of the suspected employee, can be turned over to the police for prosecution if so desired.

If you’d like to take proactive measures to prevent customer theft as well, loss prevention consultants can come into your business and take a look at your sales floor.  They will look for ways to improve your layout, for example, to reduce the opportunity for shoplifting.  They can also recommend various security measures that might be beneficial to your corporation.

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