Role of the Loss Prevention Agent – Atlanta Georgia

 In most organizations the loss prevention agent is the first line of defense between you, the business owner, and the would-be criminals who are trying to rob you of your profits. External theft, or shoplifting, prevention is what most people associate the job to be about. They either work undercover on the sales floor, pretending to be shopping while providing surveillance of all activities going on within the building, or they’re posted in a camera room monitoring the store’s CCTV system for any wrong-doing. Once a shoplifter is spotted it is the loss prevention agent who goes out to apprehend and detain them until the police arrive.

 The loss prevention agent is also responsible for investigating internal, or employee, theft. There will often be times when in the course of their day they observe a cashier taking money from the till or free bagging merchandise for a friend or relative. In those direct and concrete cases it is their duty to apprehend the employee and any conspirators involved in order to keep the money or merchandise within the store. In more complicated cases the loss prevention agent may simply be called upon to build a case and gather evidence against an individual or group of individuals. His/ her superior will then come in to conclude the case.

 No two days are alike in this line of work. One day you may be faced with a group of raucous teenagers who are causing a diversion in one part of the store while their associate fills a backpack full of clothing. The next day an assistant manager may be observed pinching a $100 out of the cash room till and placing it in his pocket. Later that day a group of thugs may run in, grab a handful of merchandise and run out. The loss prevention agent must stay vigilant and be ready for any and all circumstances.

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