Recovering that which was stolen – the role of a Loss Prevention Agent – Atlanta Georgia

A loss prevention agent is an “undercover” shopper that is actually an employee of your business.  This person dresses and acts as a shopper, but is out on your sales floor watching for potential shoplifters.

A business must have a policy in place if they are going to employ a loss prevention agent .  There must be guidelines to be followed so that the detection and apprehension of shoplifters occurs in a consistent and legal manner. loss prevention consultants can help your business develop this type of policy.

An agent must be trained on the policy once it is created by loss prevention consultants   This policy must be strictly adhered to and enforced by management and the agent, and those choosing not to adhere to the loss prevention policy must be held accountable for their actions.  Falsely accusing a customer is not only bad for business, but can have many legal ramifications should the falsely accused choose to sue.

There are basic guidelines that are part of every good policy regarding apprehension of shoplifters.  A loss prevention agent must witness the selection of merchandise that is later taken, and the agent must witness the concealment of the merchandise itself.  The agent must then have continuous observation of the shoplifter, to know that the merchandise was neither discarded nor purchased.  Lastly, the actual approach and detention of the shoplifter needs to take place past the last point of sale (past all the registers) as the shoplifter is leaving the business – preferably just outside of the doors.

Loss prevention consultants are experts in the business of apprehending shoplifters – bring them into your business to help you and your loss prevention agent recover what merchandise is walking out your doors.

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