Making the decision on Loss Prevention Consultants

Considering hiring loss prevention consultants? Here are a few good reasons why doing your research could make all the difference in the world.

Retailers and businesses alike face many of the same obstacles to making a profit. Employee theft, white collar crimes, physical security issues and many other avenues of loss are all factors in determining your business needs.

Here are a couple of things to consider when looking for Loss Prevention Consultants. In this example, we’ll use Company “A”.  Company A has identified merchandise loss during their inventory process. They are an emerging business with a growing customer base. After their inventory, the management was at a loss. They kept looking at all the wrong places for answers that were right in front of their faces. Merchandise in the liquor department and merchandise in the electronics section were missing in large numbers. The items are controlled stock on the salesfloor and are maintained in employee only area in the back of the store. At this point, it’d be well advised to bring in professionals, Loss Prevention Consultants. 

Company A hired a loss prevention consultation firm and the investigations begun. Advisors arrived to the location and examined everything from forensic accounting to external theft investigations. Looking into the receiving practices proved the merchandise was received when it should have been. An even further look showed the possibility of a couple of associates taking merchandise out of the back roll-up door just after being received. The Loss Prevention Consultants brought in a  loss prevention investigator who gathered the investigation materials and arranged the interview/interrogation of the suspected employees.

The interrogations were performed, and the two employees admitted to the theft. Additionally, the Loss Prevention Investigator was able to get the two employees to agree to a search of their private homes. The local police department was contacted and a search of the employees’ home recovered over $100,000 in merchandise.

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