Loss Prevention Investigator – Your White Knight?

What is a Loss Prevention Investigator? A complex area of loss prevention, by far, can be the investigations related to employee theft, missing merchandise, poor inventory results or organized retail crime. The main job of the Loss Prevention Investigator is to, as the name claims, investigate. Gathering detailed information, contacting witnesses, investigating the area where the incidents occurred, correlating the information and working with law enforcement are some of what an investigator would do.

Even more so, the bread and butter, as it is said, comes down to the interview/interrogation of a suspected dishonest employee. In some cases, this part of the investigation can make or break the outcome.

Interviewing/Interrogating dishonest employees takes finesse. You may say, sure “How hard is it to talk with an employee about losses?” In fact, it’s tough, especially for a manager or business owner that has a vested interest in the employee in question. A seasoned investigator can be the difference between recovering your losses and hurting your business.

Generally speaking, a Loss Prevention Investigator starts out as an entry level Loss Prevention Agent. Usually he spends his time apprehending shoplifters and investigating external theft, or shoplifters. When he expresses interest to his supervisor or his supervisors believe the agent has what it takes to become an investigator, the transition begins. A Loss Prevention Agent can make great investigator. Most of us started as a Loss Prevention Agent 

All in all, investigators are an important part of any loss prevention program. Maintaining a profitable business is the goal of any business owner. Providing support, direction, recovery and closure is the goal of a Loss Prevention Investigator.

When the chips are down and you need help a Loss Prevention Investigator is the person who is on your side, fighting for you and your business.

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