Loss Prevention Consultants offer a fresh view of your business

Hiring loss prevention consultants can be a real eye opener for businesses looking for opportunities to tighten up operations and boost profits. The old saying that you can’t see the forest for the trees as well as the reverse can be true.  Often there are big picture issues that business owners and managers overlook because of the daily routine getting in the way…but more often that that it can be a small detail that is overlooked and costing profits.

For example a “no sale”…a common employee theft we see is fraudulent voids or refunds.  A detail we look for that usually precedes and follows the fraudulent act is a no sale.  The preceding no sale is where the employee gets an idea of what is in the cash till and this info guides the fraud.  Then the fraudulent refund or void is conducted but the cash is typically not taken out at that time because the time involved to do all of that is too long and it is more easily noticed.  So later that day or even right before close there will be another no sale and that is when the cash is stolen from the till.

We recommend all our clients set up a policy that for no reason should there be a no sale.  If a customer want change send them elsewhere.  Some POS systems even offer the feature to not allow no sales or require a printed “no sale” ticket that would need to be completed and accounted for.

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