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Loss prevention consultants offer a variety of services, but most importantly they provide a piece of mind.

A business in the southwest was experiencing numerous problems hitting their bottom line. Shoplifters had taken over the store, employees were stealing, and accidents were on the rise. The management felt helpless and the corporate office was uninformed. They were on the brink of collapse.
The company decided they needed help and looked into loss prevention consultants . Over the next few weeks, the loss prevention consultants reviewed the business. Identifying the main areas of concern and executing their plan of action, the outcome looked hopeful.

First, they worked internal investigations and identified several dishonest employees at multiple locations. Interviews of these dishonest employees lead to the recovery of several thousands of dollars in merchandise. While the investigations continued, the consultants recommended the hiring and placement of a loss prevention agent. The loss prevention agent worked different hours and spent most of his time in hardest hit parts of the store. Over the next several weeks, he made several apprehensions. An additional loss prevention agent was hired and the apprehensions of shoplifters continued.

Over the next few weeks the team of loss prevention professionals working the stores were able to significantly impact losses and provide the business with what it had been lacking over the last few months and years,  ATTENTION.

The loss prevention consultants also looked at the rate of accidents in stores. Seeing a dramatic increase in employee injury cases and customer slip/trip and falls, the store was hurting. Quickly implementing new safety recommendations and training, the stores saw improvement. Workers compensation claims were down and positive employee attitudes were up.

Today, this chain of supermarkets has grown from 5 to 25 in the last 10 years and has a very positive outlook.

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