Loss Prevention Agent…Want a new career path?

Loss Prevention is found in every company, especially retail, that is concerned about reducing losses from theft.   Loss prevention agents are involved in apprehending shoplifters, testifying in court, investigating employee theft, conducting interviews, and much more.

What type of person makes a great loss prevention agent ?  If you have prior military service, loss prevention is a great transition to the civilian job force.  Criminal justice majors in college are also great candidates for this type of career.  It will help get your foot in the door for later career opportunities. 

There are online courses as well as classroom style settings that will offer training for loss prevention agents .  Some of these courses can be completed in as little as 2-3 weeks.  Many individuals going into this career path do not have prior experience.  Companies who hire loss prevention agents are mainly retail but can include hotel chains, restaurants, super markets and distribution centers. 

It sounds kind of clandestine; however these people are not like security guards with a uniform and a night stick to attack you as you exit.  They quietly observe the shoppers, or shoplifters, and individuals in the retail setting, much like they are a customer themselves. Usually these types of careers are not dangerous.  Most companies will employ a non violent policy to protect their employees. 

You probably will not become rich taking a job of this nature.  The average national salary for loss prevention jobs is $20-$30K per year.  This total includes bonuses as well as benefits.  Retail, clothing and apparel stores seem to pay a higher price than say a restaurant or hotel.  On average, Macy’s is the top income provider coming in at $26K straight salary.  Kmart is the lowest at $18K.  This information was gained from payscale.com.

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