Implications of Internal Theft & A Loss Prevention Investigator – Atlanta

Do you know what internal theft looks like? Is there a certain way internal theft is supposed to look?

Well, not really. Theft is theft. It looks the same no matter what environment you work in. When an employee or employees are involved in the act of theft, it doesn’t look good.

Retailers have been wrestling with the dishonest employee since the beginning of the retail world. Looking back to ancient times, street vendors had to deal with employee theft. Although a much harsher punishment was given, the outcome was the same, lost profits.

Now the million dollar question, does your business have employee theft? It’d be a safe bet to say YES. I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard managers or business owners say they have no dishonest employees or that their business does not suffer from internal theft. Yet looking at their books, they are losing thousands if not millions of dollars yearly.

Look at the key indicators of theft. Statistically, the under 21 years of age, part time male employee is most likely to be involved in acts of theft and dishonesty. Yet, those with tenure seem to cause the most loss. What kind of merchandise do you sell? Is your business a cash business?

Having a set standard or policy and procedures in place can help deter the possibility of internal theft but it won’t eliminate it.

The best solution would be to put in a loss prevention investigator to truly identify where your dishonest employees are.  A loss prevention investigator will be able to quickly recognize losses and offer the best solution based on the needs of the business.

Specializing in internal investigations, the loss prevention investigator will conduct surveillance, interview witness employees, perform covert CCTV work, and build a strong investigation. Upon identifying a suspected employee, the investigator will interrogate the employee, aiming for a positive outcome… the admission of theft.

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