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If your business is experiencing an increase in inventory shrinkage, it may benefit from the knowledge and expertise of loss prevention consultants .  Trained professionals can take a look at your business and create an effective loss prevention program.

For example, shoplifters do not want attention when they come into your store. loss prevention consultants can help you teach your employees this important fact.  By simply providing that unwanted attention, theft can be prevented without the employee ever realizing it.

Loss prevention consultants can also look at your sales floor layout and offer suggestions for improvement.  High theft items should be located in a high traffic area in the store, away from the entrances.  These items should also have good employee coverage so that they can be monitored.  By having the merchandise away from the entrance, this can help prevent a shoplifter from grabbing the merchandise and making a quick escape out the doors.

While you might not recognize a blind corner in your store, loss prevention consultants can look at your store the way a shoplifter does, and identify good areas of concealment.  These areas can then be reworked so that the aisles are more open.

Loss prevention controls for your business can also be developed.  If your business has a fitting room, consultants may suggest that employees physically handle all clothing that goes into the room, and that the fitting room never be left unattended.  Some shoplifters choose to conceal merchandise in fitting rooms, so by monitoring what goes into the room this type of theft can be prevented.

By reducing the opportunity, you can reduce the theft with the help of loss prevention consultants .

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