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As a loss prevention investigator , I understand the needs of the business. Taking a tactful approach when conducting internal investigations was part of the job, and I knew this.

As a loss prevention investigator I was contacted by a chain of small specialty grocery stores having problems with losses in two of their 5 stores. After a recent inventory, the management was concerned about a large loss that was reported.

I started my investigation by speaking with upper management and district level staff. Many of these managers did not believe the losses were caused by the employees, and were certain their vendors were “ripping them off.” Of course, being a loss prevention investigator , you never assume anything. I knew vendors can cause loss, but not nearly as much as a rotten employee. Keeping my opinions to myself, I continued my investigation.

I met with the General Store Manager and reviewed various inventory reports and counts showing which areas of merchandise or categories suffered the biggest losses. In this case, it was clear the liquor department was hardest hit.

Working with the corporate office, I arranged a time to enter the store (on an overnight shift) when employees and management were not around. I installed covert camera equipment in the receiving department to monitor merchandise (specifically liquor) coming into the store. On the very first day of surveillance, I witnessed the relationship between the receiving clerk and a vendor delivering the liquor shipment.

Initially, their meeting looked like a meet between to buddies. After further review, I saw the vendor hand the clerk a bottle of liquor. The clerk put this bottle under a desk near where he kept his personal belongings. Later, the clerk placed the liquor bottle in his sweatshirt he was carrying and walked out of the store.

I decided to interview this employee. Subsequently he admitted to theft and spilled the beans on his vendor buddy and 2 other store employees that had been taking liquor and other products from the store regularly. The managers were in disbelief. Immediately, the recommendations were made to standardize policy on employee bag checks, and a revision of their receiving policies.

As a loss prevention investigator , I am proud of my work and always make sure my employer remains profitable.

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