Combating loss with the help of a Loss Prevention Agent

A loss prevention agent  is a trained professional who can assist businesses in identifying the cause of a loss of profit (which is a result of loss of inventory, cash, adminstrative errors etc…).  When a business experiences a loss, figuring out the source can prove challenging and time consuming.  And if the cause ends up being employee theft, then this can be especially frustrating for the business owner.

A business owner or manager identifies that there is an issue in their organization, and loss of profit is resulting.  When all indications point to employee theft, the business owner can feel betrayed by his or her trusted employee.  However, a business must protect their assets, so an unbiased and experienced person such as a  loss prevention agent can be brought in to assist.

A loss prevention agent can help businesses identify the cause of a loss of profit, and also help secure restitution in situations of employee theft. Also referred to as a loss prevention investigator or loss prevention consultants, these professionals are trained to create cases worthy of successful prosecution if that is desired.  They are also trained in conducting employee interviews of both witnesses and suspects.  This is necessary so that the most accurate information can be obtained during an investigation.

We all want to trust those that work for us – but it is inevitable that your business will one day be the victim of employee theft.  Considering employee theft accounts for more loss than shoplifting, it is critical that these losses be identified and handled as soon as possible.  A loss prevention investigator has specialized skills honed specifically for a retail environment.

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