A loss prevention investigator working Organized Retail Crime – Atlanta Georgia

One of the many tasks faced by a loss prevention investigator is that of Organized Retail Crime. Commonly referred to as ORC, businesses everywhere suffer from this nuisance.

Recently, a loss prevention investigator was working a small chain of stores. He received information from 5 different stores of large amounts of merchandise were missing. Starting his investigation, the loss prevention investigator gathered information on the missing merchandise. All of the merchandise taken from the stores was the same, high street resale value and in high customer demand. Looking at several of the merchandise locations, the items were placed in the worst locations possible… in the back aisles of the store where employee view and interaction was minimal.

Further investigation and review of CCTV showed the merchandise being taken by the same group of people. It appeared that 4 males entered the stores, 2 peeled off and spoke with management, while the other 2 cleared the shelf of merchandise and into a black trash bag they carried. Then while the other 2 were distracting management, the trash bag was walked out of the store. Simply, the thieves outside would use their cellphone to communicate with others inside, ending their spree. This operation took no more than 5 minutes each time.

The loss prevention investigator , having a solid partnership with local law enforcement and other retailers, reached out for help. He sent out video, and screenshots of the suspects. Luckily, another local retailer had experienced the same suspects recently. The investigator put together the case. The word was out. The hunt for these “boosters” was on.

A phone call came in to the investigator at about 8pm that a loss prevention agent apprehended one of the suspects. The loss prevention agent , working undercover, observed one of the suspects clear a shelf of merchandise and head for the exit. The loss prevention agent apprehended him, while the other suspects fled.

The loss prevention investigator arrived and interrogated the suspect. He was able to get more valuable information and the local police department was contacted.

During the course of the investigation, the investigator was able to gather information on this ring that led to the arrest of 15 other accomplices and the recovery of $1.5 million in merchandise.

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