A Loss Prevention Investigator for your major case – Atlanta Georgia

If your business is experiencing a major loss, of merchandise, assets, cash, or all of the above, you may need the expertise of a loss prevention investigator .

A loss prevention investigator is a trained professional that knows how to look at the various aspects of your business and figure out what the loss is that you are experiencing.  The first step in an investigation of this type is to determine if there is an issue, and what specifically that issue is.

Once the type of loss has been identified, research can be conducted to figure out the extent of the loss your business is experiencing.  More often than not, there is an initial red flag that alerts you to a shrinkage issue in your business, and then once research is conducted it is discovered that the extent of the loss is much more far reaching.  This is not what a business owner would like to hear – that the problem is even worse than originally anticipated.

This is why a loss prevention investigator is an excellent resource to utilize in these types of investigations.  The investigator is trained to dig deep into your business and document the shrinkage issues into a workable case file.  Once the investigation is complete, the investigator can refer the case to the proper authorities for prosecution, if that is desired.

A loss prevention investigator , after identifying the problem, will interview witnesses and other employees to gather more information.  Once this is complete, the investigator will interview the suspected employee. 

Investigators are trained to conduct these types of interviews and interrogations that are appropriate for a retail environment.

When your business experiences an employee theft case, bring in an expert – a loss prevention investigator .  Your business’s profits will thank you and grow as a result.

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