A day in the life of a Loss Prevention Investigator

As a former loss prevention investigator , I built many positive cases for my employer.

A loss prevention investigator is trained on and with a variety of different tools. Specifically, the investigator uses tools like computer based exception reports and CCTV equipment. Spending time on the exception reports, the investigator can identify any dishonest employee manipulating the register system.

I remember a case I had working for a sporting goods retailer. I decided to visit a store that had very little upper management involvement; it was somewhat of an isolated store. During the visit, I walked around talking with any associates and management I could.

While I was in the shoe department, I spoke with the salesman on duty. I noticed he was wearing a new pair of running shoes. In small talk, I acted as if I were really interested in purchasing a new pair of running shoes and said to him, “I really like the way those look!” , pointing to his shoes. He says to me, “Yeah, these are bad, but we don’t sell them here…”. I knew we didn’t sell those shoes yet, they were shipped to the stores in anticipation of their public release. So I asked him, “How much would a pair of those cost”, he says “Oh, well, I’m the only one that has these; I bought them here at a special price”. I thought to myself, “Does this guy not know that I work for the same company?”

I ended the conversation, went to the office and ran all employee transactions for this store. Being the loss prevention investigator , I went and looked at the stock. We were missing 6 pairs of the $150 dollar running shoes; none had been purchases in this store.

I reviewed CCTV; saw no purchases matching these shoes. Reviewing the back stockroom camera footage, I saw the same salesman put 2 pair of these shoes and boxes in the trash. He then put the bag of trash out back. Later, he picked up the bag and walked away.

Based on this info, I interviewed the employee. He admitted to over $10,000 in merchandise theft over the period of about 1 ½ years. As a loss prevention investigator , my job didn’t end there.

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