A day in the life of a Loss Prevention Agent – Atlanta Georgia

I remember being a loss prevention agent . Several years ago, I worked my first loss prevention job as a loss prevention agent for a small chain of stores. My job required me to conduct surveillance on customers suspected of theft. When I witnessed these customers conceal merchandise and exit the store, I stepped in.

Every Saturday, I would plan the upcoming week. What areas of the business did I need to focus? Were the shampoos, aspirins, and liquor or baby products ok? I checked maps of all of the hotspots at whatever location I worked. For this week, I’m working a hard hit store in a metropolitan area. Last week, the manager told me about a group of shoplifters that had been hitting his store between 7 and 9pm. This group worked the store like it was their job. 2 of the females of the group would distract the manager while the 2 males and third female filled baskets full of merchandise. Then, while the manager was occupied with the 2 females, the other team would wheel the full shopping cart out of the store.

As a loss prevention agent , I gathered information and built my strategy. I knew the suspected thieves always came between 7pm and 9pm. Now, I narrowed down the days to Tuesdays and Fridays. I planned my work schedule for those two days. Suspecting these people would hit the merchandise with a high street and resale value, I watched areas like health and beauty, baby products and other street valuable merchandise.
Tuesday, at about 8pm, while I was working shoplift detail, the group of suspects entered the store. The manager notified me immediately.

From a distance, I saw a male and female speaking with the manager, quickly I ran to my observation area and quickly found the other 3 suspects. I watched as they filled the basket with merchandise. Having a relationship with local police department, I had a car waiting outside to help. As the suspects exited, I notified the waiting police car. The suspects were stopped, arrested and booked for grand theft.

As a loss prevention agent , I did my job and was excited about it.

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