4 Tips before you hire a Loss Prevention Investigator

There are some things to consider before you hire a  loss prevention investigator.

#1. What is their training?  If their training is completely on the job, they may have one or a narrow view of how to handle loss prevention.  The ideal  loss prevention investigator will have real world on the job training, preferably several years with more than one retailer, as well as secondary education/ professional training.

#2.  Are they a licensed investigator?  Hiring a licensed investigator is not only common sense, but hiring one that is not licensed means they are breaking the law.  Additionally if taken to court, it will get thrown out with a non-licensed investigator building the case.

#3. Ask to see case files. A solid  loss prevention investigator is going to have this resource available in volumes.  It is very easy to look bigger than you are in the world of the Internet.  Get proof.

#4 Get references.  Third party testimonies are a great way to help guide the decision to hire a professional.  You will learn about demeanor, style, efficiency, professionalism and get a feel for how confident their clients are in their abilities.

Bonus tip. Leave the investigation up to the professionals.  Calling the police without a well developed case or acting hastily can eliminate your chance of learning the truth or ever recovering any damages.

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