Think you need a Loss Prevention Agent?

Retailers are in the same group as most businesses today having to cut back staff to be more cost competitive which has made subcontracting a  loss prevention agent an attractive alternative.

A loss prevention agent (loss prevention consultants, loss prevention investigator) can fill the gap that is generated when staff cuts make managing losses more difficult than ever.  Short sidebar- Organized Retail Crime (ORC) is on the rise, big time probably due to the combination of a down economy driving more people to desperation and what looks like (to the shoplifters) a prime opportunity of practically unmanned retail stores making shoplifting easier than ever.

A loss prevention agent will be able to conduct an audit taking a look at many different areas where losses can occur.  After the information is gathered a report will be generated outlining vulnerable areas/ risks for loss whether they be inventory shrinkage, administrative error potential, vendor fraud potential or cash losses.  Even the potential for fraudulent accident claims by visitor in the building…such as slip and fall claims that are very popular in supermarkets.

Also included in the report will be a recommended action plan to correct the issues found.  This allows the owner manager to work with the loss prevention agent to prioritize solutions in a way that will work with the budget.

Reducing inventory shrinkage or overall losses (shrink) by 50% or more is common.  Those numbers result in doubling net profit margins.

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What can a Loss Prevention Agent do for my business?

A loss prevention agent is an expert at reducing loss and increasing profits for a business owner. Any type of business can be the victim of theft from customers or employees: to what extent depends on what the business owner does to prevent and deter this activity.

For example, a business owner may not notice that a certain area of his store may attract shoplifters but a loss prevention agent is trained to spot these theft “hot spots.” Shoplifters tend to identify these comfort zones better than the employees themselves. A business does not want to help provide the opportunity for shoplifters to steal!

Businesses can also teach employees how to react to suspicious customers by having a consultant provide training. Employees can be taught how to identify a potential thief, and what to do to deter theft. Employees that do not receive such training when they are hired may not have any idea how to react should they notice that a theft is occurring or is about to occur. The resulting loss can be extremely frustrating for the business owner or manager.

Businesses might choose to bring in a loss prevention agent when they have a potential employee theft issue. Employee theft costs businesses more on average than customer thefts, and when this occurs it is an excellent time to bring in an expert. These experts are trained in retail fraud and conducting these types of investigations. Experts can also write or advise about policies and controls that should be implemented in order to help prevent future employee theft.

The possibilities are endless on how businesses can benefit from the expert advice of a loss prevention agent.

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Loss Prevention Agent – To catch a thief?

A  loss prevention agent, by industry standard, is a trained and well versed person working for the benefit of the retailer, restaurant or business owner. The primary mission of the loss prevention agent is to identify, observe and make the apprehension of customers suspected of theft.

Get to the point! A loss prevention agent has the responsibility of catching shoplifters. What a skill. I remember (as do most loss prevention professionals) spending countless hours on the sales floor, peeking around corners, under display shelves, using one way mirrors or in the rare event, using high tech CCTV equipment. I was undercover and the hunt was on.

Every day I came to work, I made it a point to show the business owner that shoplifters are in their store. I made it a point to blend in, become part of the local community shopping these stores. Pushing a shopping cart around the store and focusing on the “hard hit” areas like liquor, health and beauty or hardware. Sooner or later, one would arrive, a shoplifter. Your adrenaline kicks in, you try to remain calm. He selects 2 bottles of liquor and stuffs them into a backpack he has placed on the floor. Wow, I thought to myself, right in front of me. He stands up, as I read the label of the liquor bottle I’m holding, and heads down the aisle to the front of the store. I keep my distance, trying not to lose sight of him. He passes the opened and manned register and makes no attempt to pay for the merchandise. I gain on him. He exits, I follow. “Excuse me sir”, I say…

A common, everyday occurrence for retailers and small businesses alike, Customer Theft! More so a nuisance, but gone unchecked can ruin a business leading to employee layoffs and business closures. It wreaks havoc on the morale of other employees when they witness customer theft and nothing is done or can be done. It is said that roughly 30% of losses can be directly related to shoplift activity.

A loss prevention agent can be that solution. Hired specifically to detect and catch shoplifters, the right agent can make a huge impact on the success of your business.

For more information contact us at loss prevention agent or call 1.866.914.2567

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Loss Prevention Consultants – Your Profitability

Loss prevention consultants offer a wide variety of experience and resources. Identifying opportunities for your business to be safe, secure and profitable are just a few of the benefits loss prevention consultants can offer.

Imagine this, you borrowed a lot of money and started your dream company. You have 1 to 5 retail locations and are doing pretty well. You have a great staff, merchandise flow is near perfect, and your customer base grows from month to month. Your business is booming!  How do you keep up the momentum? How do you protect your investments and profits? Loss prevention consultants can advise you on everything from shoplifting activity in your business to proper installation of alarms and alarm monitoring equipment. Is CCTV something you’d like to install in your business? How about Electronic Article Surveillance? Loss prevention consultants can build a solid plan for installation.

A number or businesses close every year, some due to issues that could have easily been corrected if identified sooner. Maybe the business did not realize the importance of protecting itself with the latest technology in alarm systems and monitoring. Maybe the company didn’t hire the best employees or didn’t properly conduct background screening and as a result, hired less than desirable employees. Or maybe the business plan only included the basics of business and didn’t plan for growth. Whatever the need, loss prevention consultants could be your answer.

As a professional in the Loss Prevention industry for the last several years, I have seen the huge benefit in having loss prevention consultants indentify potential issues and offer advice to sound business people. The benefit in most instances can be dramatic. A Loss Prevention Consultant should have a knack for the industry and truly enjoy advising companies on how to stay profitable.

Profitability!  The word alone is music to ears of the savvy business person. How to stay profitable can be more frightening of a sound. Don’t lose sleep over it. Profitability can be maintained by having an executable business plan, follow through and some smart advice.

For more information contact us at loss prevention consultants or call 1-866-914-2567


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Loss Prevention Investigator – Your White Knight?

What is a Loss Prevention Investigator? A complex area of loss prevention, by far, can be the investigations related to employee theft, missing merchandise, poor inventory results or organized retail crime. The main job of the Loss Prevention Investigator is to, as the name claims, investigate. Gathering detailed information, contacting witnesses, investigating the area where the incidents occurred, correlating the information and working with law enforcement are some of what an investigator would do.

Even more so, the bread and butter, as it is said, comes down to the interview/interrogation of a suspected dishonest employee. In some cases, this part of the investigation can make or break the outcome.

Interviewing/Interrogating dishonest employees takes finesse. You may say, sure “How hard is it to talk with an employee about losses?” In fact, it’s tough, especially for a manager or business owner that has a vested interest in the employee in question. A seasoned investigator can be the difference between recovering your losses and hurting your business.

Generally speaking, a Loss Prevention Investigator starts out as an entry level Loss Prevention Agent. Usually he spends his time apprehending shoplifters and investigating external theft, or shoplifters. When he expresses interest to his supervisor or his supervisors believe the agent has what it takes to become an investigator, the transition begins. A Loss Prevention Agent can make great investigator. Most of us started as a Loss Prevention Agent 

All in all, investigators are an important part of any loss prevention program. Maintaining a profitable business is the goal of any business owner. Providing support, direction, recovery and closure is the goal of a Loss Prevention Investigator.

When the chips are down and you need help a Loss Prevention Investigator is the person who is on your side, fighting for you and your business.

For more information contact us at loss prevention investigator or call 1.866.914.2567

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Loss Prevention Consultants offer a fresh view of your business

Hiring loss prevention consultants can be a real eye opener for businesses looking for opportunities to tighten up operations and boost profits. The old saying that you can’t see the forest for the trees as well as the reverse can be true.  Often there are big picture issues that business owners and managers overlook because of the daily routine getting in the way…but more often that that it can be a small detail that is overlooked and costing profits.

For example a “no sale”…a common employee theft we see is fraudulent voids or refunds.  A detail we look for that usually precedes and follows the fraudulent act is a no sale.  The preceding no sale is where the employee gets an idea of what is in the cash till and this info guides the fraud.  Then the fraudulent refund or void is conducted but the cash is typically not taken out at that time because the time involved to do all of that is too long and it is more easily noticed.  So later that day or even right before close there will be another no sale and that is when the cash is stolen from the till.

We recommend all our clients set up a policy that for no reason should there be a no sale.  If a customer want change send them elsewhere.  Some POS systems even offer the feature to not allow no sales or require a printed “no sale” ticket that would need to be completed and accounted for.

For more information contact Loss Preventoin Systems in Atlanta or go to: loss prevention consultants

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Subcontracting a loss prevention agent in Atlanta a great value at $399 per month


Many businesses are considering subcontracting a loss prevention agent as a solution to problems with short staffing.  The down economy has just about all businesses looking at lowering overhead costs.  Payroll is at the top of the list and often one of the first areas business leaders look at to get costs down.

Companies who have loss prevention staff have most likely not only let go of in store personnel but cut back on regional staff as well.  This means the loss prevention program is not being worked regularly at the store level.  Unfortunately since 43% of all inventory shrinkage is due to employee theft, and the em[ployees know when there are staffing cuts, they can see this as an opportunity to steal more and more often.

A loss prevention agent will start by simply observing the current daily practices, procedures and facility.  A loss prevention audit should then be performed to organize findings and develop a loss prevention plan.  This plan is then put into practice through employee training, supervision and reinforcement.

Loss Prevention Systems, Inc. of Atlanta offers an outsourced loss prevention agent plan for as little as $399 per month.  This will include the initial audit as well as random unannounced audits throughout the year.  An allowance for employee theft investigations is included as well as regular reports, loss prevention posters for employee areas and more.

To learn more go to: loss prevention agent 

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