Consider Subcontractinga A Loss Prevention Investigator

Companies’  revenues and profit margins are sinking and they are finding themselves more vulnerable to shoplifting and employee theft than ever before.  Often times the first place most companies go to cut costs is to cut payroll. Less people on staff means less coverage on the floor… which obviously means more opportunity for thieves to take advantage of the situation.

A  solution gaining popularity is to sub contract professional loss prevention investigators.  Loss prevention investigators typically start with an audit and identify areas that can be improved without adding to the staff.  Experienced loss prevention investigators can swiftly identify your opportunities for improved processes, employee training and technology enhancements. These opportunities when implemented will cut losses and improve profits immediately.

Another benefit is that the subcontractor is seen as the bad guy and in using this resource instead of the business manager/ owner conducting their own investigations, preserves good relations with valued employees.  And this keeps the manager / owner out of the emotional involvement of a very serious issue which can be very stressful.

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